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The Law Offices of Joseph J. Voccola & Associates was founded in 1994, and has expanded over the years to include a team of experienced attorneys and supporting staff.  We have developed a reputation as one of the elite criminal defense firms in the area at both the state and federal levels, having obtained dismissals and not guilty verdicts for many clients, and this reputation for excellence extends into all areas of law for which we provide representation.

Our clients, as diverse as they are, all have one common goal: to obtain serious legal representation, whether they are physically injured, charged with a serious criminal offense, or litigating an immigration matter.

The attorney-client relationship begins with the initial consultation. At this meeting we will review the facts of each case and the client’s legal problems, and we will clearly explain what is expected of the client and, in turn, what the client can expect from us.

Fortunately, every case does not go to trial. Our experience enables many cases to be settled out of court. But when a trial is necessary, our clients know they will receive top of the line representation.

Our attorneys realize that for many clients, this is their first experience with the legal system, and it can be very intimidating and confusing.  Our mission is to zealously represent each of our clients’ interests, to step clients through each complex legal maze so that they have a full understanding of the law involved, allowing the client to make intelligent decisions, and to do everything in our power to ensure that justice is done for our clients in every case.

For more information concerning our law firm, or to schedule your next FREE consultation with us, please call Joseph J. Voccola & Associates at 401-751-3900.

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