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Employment & Labor

Labor & Employment Law

You must protect your livelihood and your rights as an employee at all costs. Not only is it important for your future and the security of your loved ones, but it is also your right as an American. The Law Office of Joseph J. Voccola & Associates can help you to do this in a variety of ways. Our attorneys are well versed in the Title 28 R.I. Gen. Laws that govern labor in the state of Rhode Island, and can offer you every protection they allow. We handle cases in a variety of labor and employment law arenas, including:

  • Employment and Labor

  • Unpaid and Minimum Wages

  • Overtime Violations

  • Meal & Rest Breaks

  • Illegal Wage Deductions

  • Unpaid Reimbursements

  • Employee Treated as Independent

  • Contractor

  • Salaried Employees

  • Wrongful or Retaliatory Termination

  • Discrimination & Harassment

  • And much more…


To learn more about the Title 28 of the R.I. Gen. Laws, visit HERE. To learn more about how federal law also applies to employment and labor law, visit HERE To learn how Joseph J. Voccola & Associates can represent you in state or federal court, or to schedule your own FREE personalized legal consultation, please call our firm at 401-751-3900.

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