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Probate, Estate Planning, Wills, & Trusts

Without specific instructions, fairly distributing your existing assets to your surviving loved ones can become a nightmare. Often, people demand what they think they are owed, and not what you would have wanted for them or for your estate.

To leave a lasting legacy that’s based on fairness and what you want, you should consult with skilled attorneys who have the right experience in probate, estate planning, wills, & trusts. To devise an endowment that you believe to be just, consult our legal experts at Joseph J. Voccola & Associates! 

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Probate Process


In the event of your passing, there is a legal administration of your estate, and a resolution of all claims standing against said estate. This process is called probate. A testator’s will is determined by a surrogate court, executors are chosen, and those who have a claim (heirs and others) receive property or monetary windfalls based on the wishes of the deceased. This process is legally binding to all parties involved.

There are instances where money or property does not enter into probate on account of a pre-existing contract that is based on circumstances such as “payable on death,” “jointly owned with right of survivorship,” or living trust. In these instances, there are still court officers and official proceedings that must take place. For all of these instances, attorneys from Joseph J. Voccola & Associates can be there for you.

Personalized Representation


Our firm will oversee everything to ensure all parties are following proper procedure and the letter of the law. Should you want to challenge the probate, either through a petition or a personal representative, we have the legal background you need to see it through to the end. We will provide guidance and intelligent legal maneuvering to get you what is rightfully yours.  

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