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Worker's Compensation

Injured employees cost companies money in lost wages and medical care. Often, examining physicians (working for the insurance company) may downplay or question the extent of the injury, or HR personnel may even require family medical leave if you are disabled at work. 

Should these actions result in the need to go to court, Joseph J. Voccola & Associates can help!

Our skilled, tenacious attorneys protect your rights in your workplace and your livelihood, and strive to get you the worker’s compensation insurance restitutions you deserve. Our firm works closely with you throughout every stage of the case to prove the truth of your injury. We have access to a network of medical experts to provide consultations as well to confirm the severity of your injuries. We also work with medical economists to accurately project your financial costs and present that evidence in court to ensure you and your family are protected and have the resources you need while you recover. 


At Joseph J. Voccola & Associates, we work to restore the balance of power between you and your employer, taking steps to protect you and promptly initiate workers’ compensation benefits for medical costs and lost wages. We invite you to put your trust and well-being into our hands and allow us to be your voice in a court of law for cases involving:

  • Specific Injury

  • Cumulative Trauma

  • Temporary Disability

  • Permanent Disability

  • Medical Treatment

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

  • And more… ​


You can read more about Worker’s Compensation Insurance in the state of Rhode Island HERE

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