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Family Law & Divorce

Family-related issues and domestic relations are all complicated facets of family law. Our expert family lawyers can negotiate on your behalf, get you what you are owed, defend your parental privileges, and even settle matters of marriage and civil unions.

Issues of family law are never “cut and dry.” They generally involve many parties – some of them children – as well as strong emotions, which can sometimes make logical and equitable decision-making more difficult.

These domestic scenarios need a strong voice when they involve the courts. That strong voice should be one of experience, intelligence, fairness, and focus. It should come from a person who is trained to negotiate these matters and resolve them in ways that reflect their clients’ wishes.

Our family-law attorneys at Joseph J. Voccola & Associates are trained and ready to do just that.

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Our law firm specializes in family-law court proceedings, and knows the inner workings of the court systems when it comes to marriages, unions, and family situations. Some of the state and federal family-law cases our firm has mediated include (but are not limited to):

  • The Nature Of Marriage

  • Civil Unions

  • Domestic Partnerships

  • Spousal Abuse

  • Legitimacy

  • Adoption

  • Surrogacy

  • Child Abuse

  • Child Abduction

  • Divorce

  • Annulment

  • Property Settlements

  • Alimony

  • Parental Responsibility Orders (In The United States, Child Custody And Visitation, Child Support Awards)

  • And More… ​

We take your needs into account when working to find the best resolution possible, and always strive to reach the best binding, legal terms to get you your desired outcome.

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